In the new mobile web landscape, innovation comes more often from start-ups and less from larger, established companies. Our set of skills and knowledge fits more naturally within the community of grassroots professionals - entrepreneurs and developers – who are constituents of the Mobile Monday worldwide network, started in Finland in 2000 and now present in 150 cities worldwide. Mobile Monday is there to educate, inspire and network like minded professionals who believe that mobile technologies, products, services & business models can alter the world we live in and bring better conditions of living to all.

We’re active participants of that community in our respective cities, for instance our managing consultant Norbert Sagnard created the Belfast chapter in Northern Ireland and is involved in co-running the Dublin chapter. Our associate Michael Novikov also created a chapter, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and still runs it. Our other associates attend events to expand their networking activities, connect with new players of mobile web technology and keep their finger on the pulse of this ever-expanding mobile industry.