TotalMobile™ is the only truly multi-platform Enterprise Mobility solution available.

Unlike other systems TotalMobile™ works natively on all major devices and platforms, providing a consumer grade experience across iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Android for sectors such as healthcare, local government, industry and housing.

The Goals

  • Provide an overview of the mobile environment (technologies, operators, devices) in the USA
  • Draw a 'big picture' of the local authorities (counties, cities, districts/precincts) on a nationwide basis
  • Profile selected local authorities, e.g.: nr. of outbound employees, services enabled/not enabled by wireless technology and services offered to citizen
  • Assess and profile the competition
  • Identify and pre-screen potential partners for distribution

The Approach

  • Analysis: research online the US local authorities, their construct, budgets, plans and needs to bring efficiencies in work processes (via mobile solutions), contact directly some professionals via LinkedIn, research direct and indirect competitors and distributors in the US
  • Planning: profile 5 local authorities (city municipalities), 3 large competitors, 4 potential distributors and 2 immediate sales opportunities
  • Action: edit, validate with client and finalise market entry plan

The Results

  • Delivery of our detailed market entry plan to the Management board
  • TotalMobile starts sales prospection activities within 3 months
  • US$ sales revenues within 6 months
  • TotalMobile opens its US office with 7 staff within one year