Created by Phonitive S.A., Touchalize is an innovative technology to create interactive videos on touch screens (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

While a video is playing, viewers can touch any object in it to modify its content, e.g. changing the colour, the texture, or add a photo/video in it, or to open a link to an ecommerce site and buy the object.

The Goals

  • Assess interest for Touchalize ‘Beta version’ among mobile marketing agencies (to use in branding campaigns)
  • Research, qualify, filter and draw up a list of agencies to target in London
  • Make 8 appointments with targeted agencies for 2-day visit by CEO & CMO (to present Touchalize)

The Approach

  • Analysis: research the London mobile advertising sector, apply selection filters and re-rank the Top 50 agency for Touchalize
  • Planning: identify the agencies’ CTO or technology wizard (web search + LinkedIn), prepare a ‘pre-sell’ email & call campaign for each professional to secure appointments
  • Action: implement email/call campaign, obtain appointments with 8 agencies, assist CEO/CMO at all 8 meetings in London through guiding them in negotiation

The Results

  • Confirmation that mobile marketing/advertising agencies are a valid target segment
  • From our high quality sample of 8 agencies, 75% asked to stay in touch, 25% signed an NDA and presented Touchalize to their own clients within 2 weeks (revenues expected in 2013)
  • Set a template for further business development in London